Trade rules & Contact

Welcome to my “blog” or should i say TRADE PAGE. Here i will update my tradelist of DVD and AUDIO i will also update my WANTLIST for records that i look for. And every once in a while i will also update some info about records that i get hold of or old stuff from my collection every once in a while.

I live in Sweden and i have traded liveshows since the 90’s, started out with sending VHS all over the globe. I will offcourse trade wherever you are from as long as you have interested stuff that is.



* If you contact me, you send first (no exception)
* Always use good brand DVDr and CDr to record on (no cheap no-name shit)
* NEVER write on the disc (include info on a post-it or similar)


If you want to trade, please e-mail me your trade-list at mr_rancid(a) and please write TRADE in the Subject, otherwise it’s possible that the mail gets lots along with all junk-mail.


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